On these and other questions youth workers from UK, Macedonia and Lithuania were discussing together with Valda Karnickaitė, head of Youth policy development and program implementation Division, Department of Youth Affairs under the Ministry of Social Security and Labor. Valda is a part of the ”Youth Work Recognition with self – assessment and accreditation” project from its firsts international activity in UK in 2016.

The head of division Valda Karnickaitė told how her institution coherently is developing youth work in regions, what tools and methodologies are used. Vision for the future of Lithuanian youth work was presented.

Lithuania has good practices and expertize to share in the youth work field with youth workers across Europe, as the country is systemically developing youth work already for 10 years. During the decade youth centres were established, youth worker certification system was launched in Lithuania. New forms of youth work, meeting the needs of local realities were developed and started to be implemented: open, mobile, detached and informational youth work. This field is being systemically developed as research of youth work is being implemented, strategies for upcoming 5 years created.

According to the participant of study visit Zorica Stamenkovska, who is working in the Agency of youth and sport of Macedonia, as advisor on cooperation: „Macedonia is now in the process creating youth work legislation and systems. Lithuanian examples of youth work for Macedonia are useful, as it is still possible to recall the steps made, the challenges met while the youth work system was created. You can find out how practically the system was created, what were the steps, what succeeded and what failed during the 10 years. Lithuanian did not “run away” too far from Macedonia”

Participants of the study visit got acquainted with the good examples of youth work in Lithuania while visiting youth centres across the country and tried the youth worker’s certification methodology tools

Institute for Policy Research and Analysis organized a study visit “Recognition of youth work” from 12 to 16 of September in Lithuania. The study visit was implemented as a part of Strategic partnership project KA2 ”Youth Work Recognition with self – assessment and accreditation”, project was funded by the Erasmus Plus program.

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